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Get Up Stand Up – The Bob Marley Musical – At The Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue

Liam is the Associate Musical Director on the Olivier Award Winning Bob Marley Musical staring Michael Duke – Get Up Stand Up, which opened in Londons West End in October 2021 at The Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue!

All of Liam’s – Get Up Stand Up dates will be published onto this page as and when they are confirmed or when he is called upon to Conduct or Play Keys 2.

Get Up Stand Up – Trailer

Current Dates:

October 2021: 9th (Evening), 14th & 15th (Evening), 24th (Evening), 26th (Evening) 28th & 29th (Evening)

November 2021: 4th & 5th (Evening), 7th (Evening), 11th (Evening), 13th (Both Shows), 18th & 19th (Evening), 21st (Matinee), 23rd – 30th (All Shows)

December 2021: 1st – 11th (All Shows), 18th (Evening), 31st (Evening)

January 2022: 2nd (Evening), 5th (Matinee), 8th (Both Shows), 9th (Both Shows), 11th (Evening), 16th (Matinee), 20th (Evening), 22nd (Both Shows), 23rd (Evening), 28th (Evening), 30th (Evening)

February 2022: 1st (Evening), 3rd & 4th (Evening), 5th (Evening), 10th (Evening), 23rd & 24th (Evening), 26th (Both Shows), 27th (Evening)

March 2022: 4th (Evening), 5th (Both Shows), 12th (Evening), 13th (Evening), 15th – 17th (Evening Shows), 30th & 31st (Evening)

April 2022: 1st (Evening), 3rd (Matinee), 8th (Evening), 12th (Evening), 14th & 15th (Evening), 17th (both shows), 21st (Evening), 23rd (Matinee), 26th & 27 (Evening) 29 & 30th (All Shows)

May 2022: 1st (Both Shows), 3rd (Evening), 4th (Evening), 14th (Evening), 15th (Both Shows), 20th & 21st (Evening), 25th (Evening), 27th (Evening)

June 2022: 8th – 21st June (All Shows), 30th (Evening),

July 2022: 1st (Evening), 2nd (Both)

Website/Ticket Link: https://getupstandupthemusical.com

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